Elliott Rodger, mass murderer and role model?

Echidne of the Snakes posted a link this morning to her three-year-old piece on mass murderer Elliot Rodger. Yesterday anniversary of the day Rodger declared his intention to break into a sorority and gun down the filthy cows for refusing to sleep with him (he hadn’t been rejected, but he had some emotional issues and never even asked a woman out). He tried to carry out his plan, couldn’t get in the sorority, killed three girls standing outside and then went off to kill more people. Several injuries followed, plus one death, and Rodger’s own suicide.

Echidne said the date was worth remembering because the attitudes that fueled Rodger haven’t gone away. And sure enough, other “incels” (involuntary celibates) gathered online to celebrate the day Rodger lashed back at the women oppressors. He’s a hero for our times!

Rodger was, I gather, mentally ill, but that doesn’t change the way misogynist, anti-woman, anti-feminism thinking seems to have fueled him. Rodgers himself credited misogynist websites with confirming his views that women were filthy sluts who should never be allowed to choose who they sleep with because they’ll only reject perfect alpha male types like himself for some inferior specimen. As several people put it, if a guy says he hates and loathes women, plans to kill a sorority house full of them and then attempts to do so, it’s not unreasonable to credit him with the motives he claims.

Women issues seem to be a recurrent problem with shooters. They’re almost always men. In several cases they’re domestic abusers. Or men who just feel frustrated, pissed and angry because women don’t put out for them. But the conclusion far too many people draw is that therefore it’s the woman’s fault. If only women would just be nice to their husbands, hubby wouldn’t have to beat them — no, wait, it’s that if women would only put men on a pedestal, worship and admire them, men wouldn’t have to shoot them. Why did I get those two confused?

It’s why I’ve always thought it a shame that Wonder Woman’s old foe Dr. Psycho lost the misogynist mission to keep all women in chains he had in the Golden Age. He could be a perfect caricature of the nastiest men’s rights activists, theocratic woman-haters and sexist propagandists like Limbaugh or Coulter. Not to mention, of course, President Shit-Gibbon.

All rights to image remain with current holder. Art by H.G. Peters


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