Men with guns and other links

We pay a lot of attention to whether mass shooters are black or Muslim—but as Slacktivist points out, we don’t attach any significance to them all being men. We hunted the mammoth makes a similar point.

•Cheap broadband? Competitive broadband choices? Don’t expect them any time soon.

•Microsoft is accepting requests to remove revenge porn.

•Stewart Parnell owned a peanut-butter company. He knowingly sold salmonella-tainted food and covered up the fact. Nine people died, hundreds were sickened. A life sentence seems fair.

•Military shootings: not just from Muslims.

•Although Neville Chamberlain is frequently condemned for not drawing a line in the sand against Germany, appeasement may have been a good call.

•Citibank must pay $700 million over what the government charges was deceptive marketing of credit protection services (as in offering a free trial that wasn’t free) or charging for services customers didn’t receive or weren’t eligible for.

•Some men’s rights activists speculate the government will tax them for remaining single. And to avoid the 40 percent tax, they’ll have to sleep with fat women, OMG! No, it didn’t make much sense.

•A new study claims that men are rougher on women gamers on multiplayer online games because of evolutionary psychology and the importance of status to finding a mate. Echidne finds some flaws in it. Comments are also good.

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