Graphic novels (#SFWApro)

LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN: Nemo—River of Ghosts is the third and final book of Janni Nemo’s adventures (by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill) Having heard rumors that her old enemy Ayesha is alive, Nemo heads down the Amazon past Maple White Land the Black Lagoon to find the immortal sorceress allied with Josef Mengele and Dr. Goldfoot in the ruins of Yu Atlanchi. This is the middle of the series in quality, less fun than The Roses of Berlin but better than Heart of Ice. Still, I’d much sooner see Alan Quatermain and Mina again. And as a fan of the various Dr. Mabuse movies, having that criminal mastermind’s successors be impersonators rather than offspring would make more sense (admittedly an issue for only a small minority of readers).

17414488MOLLY DANGER by Jamal Igle, Juan Castro and Romulo Farjardo Jr. is a fun variation on Supergirl: Molly is an alien crashlanded on Earth, physically a tween but actually much older. To the D.A.R.T. project that helps her fight crime, she’s ultimately more alien and weapon than ally—no-one’s allowed to get too close because who knows how she’d react. Only her new pilot is breaking the rules … I hope Igle’s kick-start works and we see more of Molly.

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