Seas are rocky but I’m still afloat (#SFWApro)

The big rock is continuing problems with Southern Discomfort. After running aground last week, I was able to get going again, but it’s still difficult. While I had broadly mapped out the finish (Maria and her friends attack Gwalchmai from faerie, while the cops and the FBI approach through his gate on the mortal plane), I didn’t put much detail into my outline. So now I have to answer questions about just what sort of magical protection Gwalchmai has on his fortress, and how they’re going to get past it (or not). My earlier versions of this bit are so far removed from the current set-up, I have to start completely fresh, and that’s difficult.

A minor problem is that I think I’m going to end up in the low 70,000s, which is short of what a lot of publishers will accept. I think I can fix that without too much trouble though (and without padding for length).

I got It’s Never Jam Today restarted too, but it’s still uncooperative. On the other hand, the latest draft of Oh the Places You’ll Go! looks much closer to what I want (but very far from what it needs to be).

I also looked at two older unfinished stories. Never Call Up What You Cannot Put Down is better than I remembered it, but falls apart at the end. That’s fixable, I think, but it’s also a rather stock story of encountering the magical in WW II—I’d really like to add something that will make it stand out more from the pack. And the other story, untitled, looks good as far as it goes, but I haven’t even finished a first draft yet, and I’m not sure how to do so. It’s a portal fantasy and I’ve no idea what’s on the far side of the portal, so …

I did finish tidying the index for Now and Then We Time Travel and did a little more work on Martinis Girls and Guns. I also began looking for new freelance gigs and drawing up queries, but didn’t get very far.

I also had to deal with two things I haven’t faced in a while. I had a contractor to deal with (some carpentry problems) and it was actually cool enough on Wednesday I could take the dogs for a longer walk. I will have to keep the possibility of longer walk-time in mind when I plan out next week.

To wrap up, here’s a before/after. First photo of Trixie when she was a stray in the Durham animal shelter almost two years ago, weighing a little over five pounds.

IMG_1126And here’s Trixie today. I hate thinking of what it must have been like for her as a stray, but I feel very happy to have made such a difference in her life.

trixie big eyes

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