My life in July (#SFWApro)

Only 60 percent of my goals accomplished, my lowest performance this year.

Part of that is because I got blocked the final week of July working on Southern Discomfort and It’s Never Jam Today. So I missed my word count on the novel and the number of rewrites I wanted on the story. And that in turn meant I missed my total fiction wordage for the month (30,000 words) and fell behind on other fiction projects.

The other problem was the heat around Durham. This is the most sweltering summer I can remember since moving up here in 201o, so I’ve been going outdoors a lot less than usual. I didn’t get any bicycling done, or as much walking done as I expected, nor did I take Trixie for any solo walks as I’d intended. And there were a couple of other outdoor activities that I just dropped. So technically not my fault, but I’m still not counting those goals as done.

Plus I was busy enough that several minor projects never got done. One of the goals of my goal list (ROFL) is to prod me to get those little things done; I didn’t.

So all combined, less than satisfactory. But Southern Discomforts is back on track this week so hopefully everything will go smoother.

My post about this week’s writing will go up later today. Until then, here’s Trixie, hoping you’ll be her friend.

trixie big eyes

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