Right-wingers behaving badly

Slacktivist argues that what’s acceptable or controversial in the evangelical right changes with the politics of the Republican Party. So if Ted Cruz—affiliated with pseudo-historian David Barton—wins, questioning Barton’s bullshit may suddenly become controversial.

•Speaking of evangelicals, you may have heard that Wheaton College disciplined professor Larycia Hawkins (the faculty’s only tenured black woman) for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God (not that they’re the same faith or equally true). Emails from the college administration show they considered her views “innocuous” theologically … but very bad PR.

•Some right-wingers have argued the government should enforce gun laws already on the books rather than passing new ones. They are less than pleased Obama’s actually doing this.

•An anti-Planned Parenthood activist admitted shutting them down (at least as far as she’s concerned) has nothing to do with abortion, everything to do with them making it possible to have “sex for recreation” which is inherently bad. Meanwhile Maine Governor Paul LePage has revealed that drug-dealing in Maine is the work of New York dealer with names like “D-Money” who come up to Maine to sell drugs and get white women pregnant.

•In New Hampshire, a legislator proposes a ban on public nipple exposure, but only for women (though it does exempt breastfeeding). When a female legislator comes out against it, the advocate replies that a)she’s ugly so he loathes her nipples and b)if nipples can be legally exposed, men should be able to legally fondle them

•Ted Cruz tells how he and his wife gambled all his money on his first political campaign. He doesn’t mention the low-interest loan he got from Goldman Sachs, his employer, and the story at the link says his campaign documents apparently don’t report it either, which may be illegal.

•Iran briefly holds some sailors who entered Iranian waters, then released them. Right-wingers freak out about the evil of Iran.

•For other right-wingers, the National Institutes of Health are just suckling off the government teat to no purpose (unlike, say, the Bundy clan, who are heroes of freedom!). Oh, and Obama is the wrong president to wage a war on cancer because Obamacare!

•An LGM post argues neither Clinton nor Sanders will generate the same hate as Obama from the right. A lot of the commenters disagree, and I think I do too.

•Federal regulators are looking at easing rules for self-driving cars. I hope they’re careful in what they ease as self-driving cars can still hit things without human drivers.

•Digby points out that the right-wing engages in the kind of “America sucks!” complaints that used to be “anti-American” in their eyes.

•Verizon doesn’t want to repair copper landlines, but it doesn’t want to replace them all with fiber-optic. That’s a problem for some areas that are looking at getting zero phone service (Verizon doesn’t want to offer fiber-optic and there aren’t enough towers for cell service).

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