The Lily bloomed, my schedule wilted (#SFWApro)

So Saturday at Illogicon a friend of mine texted to ask if we could board her dog for a few days. The family has an out-of-town crisis to attend to and Lily is a shy, one-family dog, so they’re feeling really nervous about boarding her. However she likes me and she really loves Trixie (she’s humping her as we speak) so my friend thought Lily might have more fun staying with us.

IMG_0645Yesterday Lily came over, with her bed and toys (which Plushie really, really liked, as you can see) And between petting her and trying to make her feel welcome, hand-feeding her (she’s a slow eater and otherwise Trixie and Plushie would scarf her dinner) and all the other little details, I didn’t get much done yesterday. Today, though, she’s settled in. It’s still a little demanding, but Lily’ll be going home Sunday, so no big.

And it didn’t hurt my productivity too much because I knew this was coming so I frontloaded my work.

Most of the week, as usual, was watching stuff for the time-travel book. On top of that:

•I finished the latest rewrite of the text.

•I rewrote Backstage With the Dead (I Think) and submitted it … and got it back within a day.

•I submitted The Wodehouse Murder Case to a reprint market … and got it back within a day.

•I applied for four different freelance gigs including a local business writing opportunity, a nonfiction books reviewer and writing for a website specializing in corrosion-related research.

•And I’ll be watching more TV for the book today, as the dogs make it hard to do anything more challenging.

So go me! Well except for the rejections.



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