New York, New York, It’s a Wonderful Town: Second Post (#SFWApro)

tinyhouseThe hotel was well situated for lots of walking, mixed with occasional subway rides and taxis for when we got exhausted. So naturally I have lots of building and skyline shots. So I’ll intermix them with commentary.

•For a big city, New York actually seems less veggie-friendly than Durham. Most of the restaurants we stumbled across were heavy on meat or seafood, and the alternative was usually cheese. We ate a lot of cheese.

skyline•A lot of the people seemed to have the stereotypical hustle attributed to New Yorkers. Like the street vendor (fruit roll-ups for charity!) who called me “dickhead” under his breath when I didn’t engage him. Or the guy who asked for a tip for some service and we were subsequently informed he wasn’t supposed to get one. Or the waiter who took forever to bring TYG her change—she suspects he was hoping we’d give up and leave him with the cash. Of course it could just be bad service—generally service was not as crisp as I’d expect in a big city (probably less than in Durham). The food was, however, consistently good.

atlas•Drivers are definitely more aggressive about making the turn when pedestrians have the right of way. If they think there’s an opening, they take it. Of course, pedestrians seem to push ahead a few seconds before the walk light (and then sometimes have to back up) so I guess it evens out. And the drivers are probably better than in Okaloosa County where “pedestrian right of way” seems to be an oxymoron.


•Like a lot of big cities, people actually live on the streets. Not in the homeless sense, though we saw a few of those too, but in the sense that the street space seems to be more than just how people get to the cars. There’s conversations and discussions about finance or school, joking, a surprising number of people smoking and … I can’t exactly define the feel but I know it when I see it.

street cornerChristmas apparently hasn’t ended yet. I thought maybe the big decorations didn’t go down until Jan. 7—after Epiphany, AKA “Twelfth Night” — but they were still up Jan. 8 when I left. No idea why.

xmas treeI have even less idea about the New Year’s balloon across from our room.

hapnewyearAs these deep thoughts are based on four days of visiting, I apologize to the Big Apple for any inaccuracies.



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