Corporations behaving badly (and other political links)

Two for-profit schools that allegedly distorted their career-placement rates and engaged in high-pressure sales tactics have to repay their students $2.3 million.

•A mortgage servicer must pay back $1.5 million in restitution for allegedly not honoring loan modifications arranged by previous servicers, among other misdeeds.

•As part of the Texas AG’s push to get Radio Shack to redeem its gift cards post-bankruptcy, the AG is arguing that Radio Shack sold the cards even when it knew it was going to file bankruptcy.

•Libertarians love to talk about privatization and how it easily beats government services. Here’s some privatization for you.

•Libertarians also discuss how if we just let corporations do anything they want, the free market will stop any abuses. Cynic that I am, I suspect even if Chrysler’s found guilty in this wrongful death case, it won’t be a big enough penalty to stop them doing it again.

•A number of employers try to turn employees into “independent contractors” to save on payroll taxes and workers comp. A new bill would try to limit that.

•AT&T has received a $100 million fine related to the company’s policies of throttling speed for unlimited-data users. The company is unsurprisingly outraged.

•In the wake of Camille Paglia’s blather about how Bill Cosby’s wife drove him to rape women, here’s a piece from 2010 by Amanda Marcotte discussing Paglia and other antifeminist women. And here’s a post of mine on the topic.

•Verizon would really, really like customers to give up their old landlines.

•Conservative magazine the National Review has a long history of showing more tolerance for Nazis than civil rights activists.

•National Review’s Jonah Goldberg pens a column explaining that Mike Huckabee saying Obama’s Iran deal was leading Jews to the gas ovens was obviously not comparing Obama to Hitler (“Hitler didn’t march Jews to the doors of the ovens, but into them.”). And in typically passive-aggressive style, Goldberg then weaves back to argue if Huckabee did compare Obama to Hitler that would be okay anyway.

•Here’s another NR column explaining that black men aren’t targeted by police, it’s just that they’re so much more criminal

•James Fallows looks at the pro- and anti- sides on the Iran deal and suggests that unlike the Iraq war, we give the Pro-peace side the benefit of the doubt.

•Do you want Windows 10 to share your passwords with your friends?

•Chris Christie believes in state’s rights, except when he doesn’t. As to the specific example—he’s promised to enforce federal marijuana laws in Colorado and other legalizing states—does he seriously think there’s that much pro-enforcement sentiment in the body politic?

•John Stewart has actually visited the Obama White House, Ergo, conspiracy!

•Even in the cases of prisoners murdered in the war on terror, there’s been no White House push for an investigation. But they’re not going to let a dangerous criminal like Edward Snowden run free.

•The dubious qualifications of a terrorism expert.

•Apaches ask about the GOP’s support for religious rights when it comes to selling Apache sacred ground?

•Why do men rather than women commit mass shootings?

•An appeals court says a pharmacy has to provide medicine to customers even if the pharmacy owner has a religious objection. I wouldn’t bet on this lasting if it makes it to the Supremes. Echidne touches on this and that unplanned pregnancies are way down among teens.

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