Stupidity, thy name is Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia was for some unfathomable reason considered a cutting-edge cultural critic in the 1990s. I tried reading one of her books. I concluded she was an idiot. Like her bizarre assertion that homosexuality is the male’s way to escape women’s seductive power, and Nature doesn’t want men doing that so she created AIDS! Trust me, the original didn’t make sense either.

Then there was her claim that the Virginia Tech shooter back in 2007 could all be blamed on slutty girls who have sex without commitment yet still wouldn’t put out for the killer. No wonder he snapped! Despite which, she still puffs herself up as a pro-sex voice in contrast with all the ice-bitch anti-sex prudish feminists of America.

Her latest (not a direct link) is a Salon interview explaining that Bill Clinton having consensual sex with Monica Lewinsky (or anyone) is just as abusive and contemptible as Bill Cosby being a serial rapist. My god, he didn’t even take Lewinsky on a nice vacation, just had sex in the Oval Office! So the Cosby case going public creates serious problems for Hilary Clinton’s presidential bid because young women won’t tolerate her being married to a man whose consensual sex is really rape.

I did actually go to the piece and once again, it doesn’t make any better sense in the original. Nor does Paglia explaining that Cosby raping women is all the fault of his wife driving him away.

Maybe when I used the word “stupid” I was being too charitable.


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