Hellboy Chronology update (#SFWApro)

So as I mentioned a couple of months back, I’ve bothered by how slowly time, as calculated in my Hellboy Chronology, moves so slowly. In roughly six years, I estimate the BPRD Hell on Earth arc has advanced maybe two.

I sat down this weekend and gave it a closer going over. Not to the point of, say, crunching days spent per mission, but looking for any indications my dating was accurate — or not.

I found a couple of things: The Wasteland takes place in March, and most of Lake of Fire happens in June. Now assuming I’m right and that the Hell on Earth arc kicks off in 2009, then that means everything from New World to Return of the Master is squeezed into maybe a year if Wasteland happens in 2010, where I originally had it. So for the moment, I’m stretching the timeline out so Wasteland is in 2011. And everything from there up through the Devil’s Wings TPB (which I added to the chronology) is in 2011.

A minor change, but it feels better to me. Subjective though that standard is.

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