Some assorted links, because I’m too beat for thought

In El Salvador, all abortion is banned. Even if the fetus can’t be born alive. Even if it’s a nine-year-old. One 18 year old spent four years in prison because police found her miscarriage suspicious (it would have been thirty if she hadn’t had support).
•Jim Hines dissects one guy’s solution to “taking the power back” from men who cat-call women: Ask the guy for his number!
•California bans non-reusable plastic bags.
•In Louisiana, the state pays for the cost of rape kits at the E/R, but the hospital often charges victims for the visit, any drugs they get … While in another state, the victim has to pay for a drug test (if she thinks she was roofied) unless the prosecutor agrees the expense is justified.
•Transferring money from families to relatives in prison is very profitable for the companies that do it.
•Ms discusses “benevolent sexism, a kind of reworked version of putting your wife on a pedestal.
•If you think the GOP is conservative now, it’s going to get worse after the election.
•Lena Dunham had a wonderful idea for her upcoming tour: hire people to work as her upcoming acts and not pay them.
•In the wake of the recent beheading by that Muslim guy in Oklahoma, the right wing freaks out (surprise!).
•A North Carolina teacher explains that the public school system’s attack on Christianity is like the Holocaust.
•The FBI objects to the very possibility smart phones might become so secure the FBI can’t just access them.

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