Productive? Or Not? (#SFWApro)

Productive: I got my viewing in for the time-travel book.
Not: Didn’t get any fiction done. None.
Productive: Got my quota of Demand media stuff done to pay the bills.
Not: Too damn slow getting the Demand stuff written. Which explains the lack of fiction. Well that and the fact we’re dog-hunting so we hit the Durham shelter a couple of afternoons this week. In theory, I can make it up in the evening, but I’m already blocking out evening time for extra movie viewing, etc., so there’s not that much wiggle room. And evening is really my least productive time, between cooking, hanging with my spouse and just being tired at the end of the day.
However I’m getting very, very frustrated with the no fiction thing so I’m going to have to do better. Easy to say, of course, we’ll see how it plays out in practice next week.
Still, getting my share of the bills paid is no small thing, especially after the long stretch with no money coming in. And staying on top of the time-travel book is essential.
But still, I want more fiction done!

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