Movies That Aren’t About Time Travel (#SFWApro)

I still get a few in, though these may be the last for a while …
THE MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY (1993) brings Diane Keaton back to former beau Woody Allen’s films (for the first time since Manhattan), playing Allen’s amiably bickering wife; when a neighbor’s wife dies suddenly, Keaton becomes convinced the husband murdered her. While Allen refuses to buy it, playwright Alan Alda as Keaton’s would-be lover is quite willing to help her investigate (the struggle to solve the mystery is interwoven with the struggle for Keaton’s affection). An unabashed return to comedy (the first pure comedy since Broadway Danny Rose), though not a stellar one, and the first since Hannah and her Sisters to give a married couple an unambiguously happy, nobody-cheated ending. This has me wondering whether it reflects the screen reunion with Keaton, the end of his relationship with Farrow or neither. Angelica Huston plays a novelist and Ron Rifkin is one of Allen’s buddies. “I can’t listen to that much Wagner without wanting to conquer Poland.”
BLACK FOREST (2012) was a better-than-average SyFy film in which a group of travelers in Germany get sucked into a fairy-tale realm full of wicked witches and malevolent fae out to kidnap children and punish adults for the loss of belief in magic. An unsatisfactory ending, but overall, thumbs up. “Did you know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies?”

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