And of course, there’s sexism (because when isn’t there?)

Back in the 1990s, Camille Paglia’s supposedly edgy, outside-the-box cultural criticism gave her a reputation as a deep thinker (I read one of her books. She’s not). And the fact she bashes feminists at every opportunity doesn’t hurt, I suspect. Of course, a lot of her bashing was how feminists are all uptight prudes who hate het sex. Now the no-I’m-really-sex-positive Paglia has joined Rod Dreher and George Will in explaining that all these campus assaults are just “oafish hookup melodramas” and girls don’t realize dressing slutty gets you raped (“They assume that bared flesh and sexy clothes are just a fashion statement containing no messages that might be misread and twisted by a psychotic.

•Cathy Young of Reason magazine has apparently found a steady gig at Time. One column argues that Hope Solo, the soccer star who allegedly assaulted her husband is benefiting from a double standard—she’s still playing where Ray Rice got canned. Except, of course, Rice was caught on video, where the charges against Solo haven’t been proven. If they are, yeah, drop her.

Young also oddly acknowledges that Emma Watson’s recent speech mentioned that gender stereotyping discriminates against men—“I’ve seen my father’s role as a parent being valued less by society, despite my need of his presence as a child as much as my mother’s.” And then goes on to complain that men are discriminated against as parent and therefore feminists like Watson are wrong. And here’s more right-wing reaction to Watson’s speech.

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