Don’t move. Don’t even … link

Casual misogyny, including someone who thinks “You look rapable” is a compliment.
•A new man-made environment! Plastic drifting in the ocean breaks down and becomes the bottom of a new food chain. LA Times looks at the impact of the plastisphere.
•The new head of the Securities and Exchange Commission says if a company breaks the law, it should admit it, even if nobody’s doing jail time.
•A look at the country’s largest funeral-home chain and its aggressive sales practices. As someone who read the classic American Way of Death decades ago, I don’t think much has changed.
•I wrote a while back about how treating the fetus as a person with rights destroys women’s rights. Here’s an article looking at how it overrides doctors’ obligation to give the patient the best advice.
•Discover looks at some of the claims about how women’s brains are different.
•No, the Affordable Care Act isn’t really a Republican concept.
•Consumerist lists some proposed laws that might benefit consumers if they pass this year.
•An older post (September) about the NSA’s willingness to share raw intelligence about US citizens with Israel, with no restrictions on what the Israeli government does with it. More recently, Rep. Peter King argued that the NSA should spy on Congress too. As Digby points out at the link, that wouldn’t have worked so well for King when he was a terrorist sympathizer (IRA).
•A Republican voter who depends entirely on federal aid grumbles that Obama is “redistributing wealth” when the aid goes to anyone else. Here’s a more indepth look at ongoing Republican class warfare.
•The Southwest is built on an artificial, man-made water supply. It’s not going to last. And of course, many of those people would be outraged at the idea their cities or farms are getting a government handout in the form of affordable water.
Not that they’re unique. South Florida is straining its water supply, and it’s just as reluctant to make hard choices rather than look for an easy new source.
•Sexism targets right-wingers too, like an online claim Sarah Palin wasn’t a virgin when she married!!!!! And as I’ve said before, hypocrisy is often a lousy attack.
•AT&T proposes shifting some customer costs to content providers.
•Yet another shooting won’t be prosecuted because of stand your ground laws.
•Alicublog looks at the usual embrace of Martin Luther King by conservatives who insist that today he’d be voting for Romney. Though as noted in comments, ending the war on drugs would certainly help African Americans, who get slammed disproportionately. Here’s an in-depth discussion of that point, tied to David Brooks’ recent declaration that having smoked pot in his youth, he knows we’re better off keeping it illegal.
•Speaking of Brooks, he’s beating his favorite drum again: There are no economic solutions to income inequality, and it’s not even a real problem. The real problem is all those immoral sluts having children out of wedlock (despite Brooks’ insistence the deficit is the greatest crisis of our time, he’s quite keen on welfare for single men to encourage women to marry them). Paul Krugman points out that while getting married and getting an education can explain some success, they can’t explain the giant extent to which the 1 percent suck up so much money.
•Right wingers decide social engineering includes Vogue showcasing writer-director Lena Dunham, because she’s not hot enough to be on the cover.
•Another white, right-wing killer, Shawna Forde. To fund her anti-immigrant militia, she decided to go vigilante and rip off a drug dealer … only she killed an ordinary immigrant and his nine-year-old daughter instead.

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