Writing, Reading and Watching Links (#SFWApro)

Shannon Thompson looks at two programs that rent out ebooks a la Netflix. A good deal for writers? For readers?
•The future of Barnes & Noble.
•Ten quotes from Simone de Beauvoir. My favorite: “Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness, but it is on the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it.”
•Jim Hines on his finances. It’s inspiring to see some people do make money off writing fiction.
•There are multiple versions of how Superman came to appear in Action Comics. Here’s a good attempt at sorting the facts out (though I’m not sure it’ll ever be possible to be definitive about it).
•Streaming video definitely cuts into premium cable channels’ audience. Nickelodeon is looking to compete by allowing customizable cable. And here are some thoughts on how an appeals court’s rejection of net neutrality (Internet providers can’t favor particular content providers over others) will affect Netflix).
•The Conan Doyle estate doesn’t agree that most of Holmes is now out of copyright.
•A noteworthy anniversary: The day home recording of TV shows became legal.
•McDonald’s Adventure Time Happy Meals ignore Adventure Time female characters.
•Tied in with her recent trip to Illogicon, here’s an interview with Laura Anne Gilman on independent publishing and other matters.
•As I’ve mentioned from time to time, I’m always fascinated by how some characters succeed while others fail. Here’s a look at Marvel’s push for a wave of new heroes back in 1993, all of them with Long Term Potential unlike the recently introduced comic-relief character Squirrel Girl. Guess who outlasted them?
•How to write a bad query letter.

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