I rarely spend a day off the Internet (#SFWApro)

But yesterday was one of them.
We were out late at a party Saturday (good food, excellent conversation) so we got up late. I lay around watching a movie for a while (Libeled Lady), then we went to the Nasher Art Museum. Not as cool as the North Carolina Museum of Art, but many nice pieces, such as this terracotta 1500s figure of Prometheus.
Closer up, you can see the actual gashes in his flesh where the bird eats his liver.
That ran longer than expected as we stayed for lunch (pricey—it’s a museum—but good). Then home and out for a late walk. After which I had no particular urge for blogging or doing anything else online, just relaxing.
And here’s another Nasher piece, one of their modern ones—Richard Deacon’s Like a Bird.
modern art

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