The female audience (and other sexism-related links)

According to Paul Dini (of Batman: The Animated Adventures and many other things), Cartoon Network doesn’t want one. Or more precisely, it wants a predominantly male audience for its shows—having one with more girls watching is a black mark.
Dini confirms something I’ve read elsewhere, that CN sees its brand as Shows for Boys. So presumably having a heavy girl audience means a)the network assumes the show is not doing enough Boy Stuff and so should be axed’ b)just having shows which are known to be girl favorites makes it harder to present the channel as Shows for Boys; c)Girls are just icky and have cooties, which is why some version of second-string DC hero Hourman’s getting a TV show before Wonder Woman.
This is an annoying thing in entertainment. TV has a predominantly female audience so (I’ve read) network execs spend a lot of time thinking about how to draw more men (though most channels are much more concerned about keeping female viewers than CN apparently is). Intermediate and Y/A novels are more heavily read by girls, and publishers (according to an article I read some years back) spend a great deal of time thinking how to draw more boys.
Yet in the movies, where the default audience is male, nobody seems to feel drawing more women is important (the standard rationale is that they’ll go to whatever their boyfriend/husband wants to see). And in comics, the female audience is repeatedly brushed aside.
I am not surprised, but I am annoyed.
Speaking of comics, writer Scott Lobdell publicly hit on/harassed a female cartoonist (MariNaomi) on the same panel, then immediately apologized to her husband afterwards when he realized the man had been there for the event. Not MariNaomi, just her husband. He did later issue an apology for his “humor” having offended her, although as several people have pointed out that’s not the same as “I was out of line to say that.” There are several good discussions you can click through to at the link.
Also on comics, GeekMom looks at problems with the rebooted Wonder Woman. While I have reservations of my own, GeekMom hits on a point that hadn’t occurred to me: in contrast to a Wonder Woman surrounded by other women (Amazons, Wonder Girl, Etta Candy) she’s a solo act surrounded by men.
Moving away from comics, I blogged recently about Ross Douthat’s theory families with daughters are more likely to vote Republican (and why he’s probably wrong). Another blogger points out that this means families with sons are more inclined to vote Democratic (though contrary to his post, a lot of liberal bloggers mention the Republican advantage with men). Echidne has more on this.
And now a totally unrelated point that’s worth celebrating, sort of: Queen Elizabeth has pardoned Alan Turing, the computing pioneer and code-breaking whiz who was convicted of “gross indecency” for homosexuality and in the wake of that, eventually committed suicide. It’s too little and too late, but it’s better late than never.
And on a slightly more upbeat note, an And column on what Nelson Mandela’s success in overthrowing apartheid says about the future.
Have a wonderful Christmas or Festivus or any other festival of your choice. I’ll be blogging again December 26th.

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