Christmas Day!

Words cannot express what having someone to share the morning with means. Because up until I moved up here my relatives were scattered hither and yon so for the first few years of the 21st century, I was strictly solo-ing it. And that bites.
Instead I got to wake up next to TYG, cook breakfast for us, then take turns opening presents. Surprisingly few books this year for me or even book-related gift cards (my friend Ross did deliver The Adventures of Pete and Pete second season). Instead it was heavily slanted to kitchen stuff and food (note: this is not a complaint): Pizza paddle, ceramic knife, kitchen scale, mortar and pestle plus assorted chocolates, cookies and other tasties. I think I shall be snacking on Christmas at least until the end of January.
Of all that stuff, the mortar and pestle, even though I asked for it, is one I’m not sure I’ll use much. Of course, the standard homeowner advice is that you should get rid of something you don’t use regularly, by which logic maybe I shouldn’t have asked for it. But I’m not a compulsive buyer of kitchen gadgets and my kitchen isn’t unreasonably cluttered, so I’m fine with that; it’s self-indulgent, but sometimes I enjoy being self-indulgent. And now that I have it, perhaps I’ll think of new ideas: A quick search on-line revealed that it’s highly recommended for making pesto, for instance. It will be fun finding out.
For TYG, I got an assortment of books, some fabric, a cane chair, a lamp and I made banana bread for her Christmas Eve.
It was a wonderful morning, then we went to a friend’s for Christmas dinner (fondu), the Doctor Who Christmas special and Cards Against Humanity.
Unsurprisingly I woke up today feeling quite lazy, but I managed to get some less demanding tasks done (reading possible markets, looking for markets, submitting, etc.).

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