Because I could not stop for dinner–

Or more accurately, I did stop for dinner, which took a while longer than expected, but was very tasty (tofu vegetable curry with roast potatoes). So just links tonight.
•Great customer service—not: Groupon notifies some shoppers this week that the Nexus tablets they bought won’t be coming, even after Christmas.
•The Duck Dynasty debate goes on: Illinois Republican Ian Bayne declares that by making anti-gay, racist remarks, Robertson was standing up to tyranny just like Rosa Parks! More freaking out coverage courtesy of Roy Edroso. They’re also freaking out over “Pajama Boy”—Edroso catches one pundit asserting that wearing pajamas out of bed is the first step to anarchy (a highpoint in right-wing fear of disorder). And Jonah Goldberg insists that making gay jokes about pajama boy is wrong, but of course, we shouldn’t kick up a big stink about it (talk about passive-aggressive).
•A conservative argues that as people don’t want to give him money for Wal-mart employees when he asks, that proves they don’t want to pay higher prices in return for higher Wal-Mart wages. As opposed to, say, not trusting someone who asks you for money in a Wal-Mart parking lot (and as noted at the link, higher prices don’t have to follow higher wages).
•A diner serves free meals to the homeless. Other businesses call the cops. Which makes me think of this dude.
•Wal-Mart uses charity to skirt laws on campaign contributions.
•Same-sex marriage just became legal in Utah.
•Men’s rights activists continue seeing the fight against rape as a threat to men’s rights (wow. Sounds familiar).
•A politician claims coverage for pre-existing health conditions is bad because it’s all the sick person’s fault. Because getting cancer is just like bad driving.

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