Now this week I liked

After feeling rather sluggish last week, I’m happy this week represented a return to what I think of as my norm. Which isn’t surprising, now that I think about it. Just as returning to the mean results in peak performance sliding into an average week, it also means there’s a good chance the follow-up to a sub-par week will be much better.
I felt relaxed enough I was even able to work on some of mum’s stuff without feeling stressed. Things have changed once again: She and her partner are staying in there current abode, where they have friends and know the services available. However, we’re (we being me and my siblings) aren’t sure how long she’ll be able to stay at a near-independent level, so I’m continuing research into Durham assisted living options.
Fiction: I read The Wodehouse Murder Case to the writing group and got resounding enthusiasm. I’m going to give it one more draft, then a hard-copy reading, then I’m good to go.
•I adjusted Heads Up! based on some suggestions I received, and it goes to hard copy next week (having a story printed out really does make a difference to my ability to appraise it).
•I finished the first draft of Never Call Up What You Cannot Put Down, but it (like every one of my first draft) needs a lot of work. But the fact it went in unexpected directions midway through bodes well, I think.
•I completed the rewrite of Impossible Takes a Little Longer, fixing the problem sections I found last week. I’ll print it out in September and give it the final going over before sending it around.
•An anthology editor who saw my Applied Science series in Big Pulp (and got a recommendation from the editor) asked me to submit a proposal to a themed anthology. I’ve been batting around ideas this week, and peppering him with questions about what he wants, and I think I know what I’m going to offer. I’ll send it in Monday after a final bout of plotting and thinking.
•I began once again working on Brain From Outer Space. This time I’m starting by focusing on the character arcs. Then I’ll follow up with the plot questions that stump me over and over. Out of that, I’ll restructure the book. Wish me luck.
Nonfiction: I have a new And column out, on the nostalgia delusion. I’ve written about it on my blog too.
And here’s this week’s ehows (most of them for one of our client sites, The Nest):
•How to Budget and Allocate Funds for a Wedding
•How to Deal With a Derogatory Credit Report
•How to Deal with Old Unpaid Credit Card Debt
•What Kinds of Controls Can Be Applied to Payroll Systems?
•Will My Homeowners Insurance Pay for the Floor to Be Replaced?
•The Role of Accounting in Business
•How to Carry Over Business Expenses
•Does Flood Insurance Cover Heavy Rains?
•Tenant’s Rights When a Landlord Sells the House
•How Much Should I Invest in an Employee’s Deferred Compensation Plan?
•How to Calculate a Property’s Worth
•How to Withdraw 401(k) Early Due to Permanent Disability With No Penalty
•How to Calculate the Estimated Tax on a 401(k) Early Withdrawal
•The Disadvantages of Online Investing
•How to Curb Expenditures
•How Does a Qualifying Income Trust Work?
•How to Buy Your Aging Parent’s House
•Setting Aside a Lien Vs. Removing a Lien

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