Let’s look at some people of dubious moral integrity, shall we?

While it’s not the worst lie Rep.-elect George Santos has told, I find myself particularly disgusted he lied about his mother dying on 9/11 when she died in 2016.

Anti-gay activist Brian Brown insists that until the woke mob ruined America marriage was always one man and one woman. King Solomon and his thousand wives on line one, Mr. Brown. But seriously, shouldn’t a supposedly devout Christian know that ancient Israel, among many other cultures, was polygamous?

“If you want to know at the end, we’ll let you know, but we’re not telling people where funding is coming from right now,” — shady Trump lawyer Stefan Passantino explaining to Cassidy Hutchinson that he’d protect her at no cost if she lied to the 1/6 Committee.

Florida shipping migrants out of state and lying to them about where they were going is highly immoral. A DeSantis aide steering the transportation contract to a former client is more conventionally unethical.

The Republican majority on the Supreme Court has repeatedly struck down covid-related restrictions they said infringed on religious freedom. However they’re refusing to let Biden strike down a Trump policy that restricts immigration to supposedly fight covid.

Likewise, right-wing claims that fetuses are people can be abandoned when convenient.

Here’s some election fraud for you, by a Republican election official.

There are those who do evil and those who enable them.

Nixon had no moral integrity and deserved to lose his office over Watergate. Nevertheless conservatives are still pissed about it.

Trump in 2015 said he’d give his entire presidential salary to charity, “but in 2020, his last full year in office, the documents show that Mr. Trump reported $0 in charitable giving.” At the same link, Trump and other Republicans are threatening retaliation (“The Radical Left Democrats have weaponized everything, but remember, that is a dangerous two-way street!”) but I think Democrats know by now that Repubs will fight dirty regardless of what Dems do.

While Elon Musk’s ethics are dubious, his intelligence is too — because only an idiot gets rid of their janitors.

Oklahoma State Sen. Dan Bullard says he’s banning gender-transition surgery until age 26 because he cares so much about trans people and wants to protect them from bad decisions.

Now for an upbeat note: bankruptcy does not shield slimeball Alex Jones’ assets from Sandy Hook lawsuits. Oh, and much as Arizona’s Kari Lake still pretends she won the governorship, her lies are going nowhere.

On the other hand, it turns out supporting Trump’s insurrection is no bar to becoming a North Carolina law school dean.


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