Assorted examples of shitty behavior, including misogyny

A college shuts down the faculty union claiming that its Christian beliefs (a rather mangled interpretation of a verse in Jeremiah) mean it’s exempt from recognizing the faculty’s right to unionize.

Sexual harassment is allegedly rife at the famous Julliard College. I don’t doubt the allegations.

“You signed your own warrant,” Mr. Lindner allegedly said, again naming the doctor. “Castrating our children.” Fortunately Lindner has been arrested for making death threats.

“Last week, police charged suspect Allen Tayeh, 65 with fatally shooting attorney Douglas Lewis at his Lawrenceville, Ga., law office and then setting the building on fire. Court records show Lewis represented Tayeh’s ex-wife in a divorce case this year. ”

Ron DeStalinist is unsurprisingly pro-gun but against the right not to be pregnant. Yet some people still fantasize the anti-abortion movement will suddenly want to throw cash at pregnant women.  So the indictment of this anti-abortion activist is good news.

We can blame Donald Trump’s dismissal of the covid threat for opposition to covid vaccines, which has increased opposition to vaccine mandates in general. Oh, and DeSantis wants to launch a completely unbiased (sarcasm font) investigation into damage done by covid vaccines.

As the GOP pushed the culture war and gay-bashing, the Proud Boys fell in line. Unsurprisingly, so has Kellyanne Conway.

At this point we can assume anything Tucker Carlson says is a lie.

Texas AG Ken Paxton wants a list of transgender Texans. I take it as a given it’s for no good reason; as noted in the article, the DMV in Texas did not cooperate.

Trump claims the stories about collusion with Russia were a media lie, therefore the Pulitzer Board slandered him when they gave the stories awards.

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims says attorney Alan Dershowitz raped her too.

A school board candidate in New Jersey started checking out kids’ LGBTQ books so kids wouldn’t have access.

Another day, another youth pastor turns groomer. Oh, and here’s another religious conservative groomer.

The Texas school board that banned a graphic-novel adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank had no problem inviting an invocation from a rabbi accused of multiple sex crimes.

Here’s a tortured judicial argument: just the existence of family planning services for teens attacks Christian parents’ rights. And so do teachers with bad haircuts!!

Newly elected Rep. George Santos. Whatever his true story turns out to be, he seems to be full of lies.

I’m sure letting 18 year olds open-carry will have no bad consequences whatsoever, he said in Extreme Sarcam Font.

“People are just so stupid they think they were fighting for slavery” — Candace Owens lying that Confederate flags aren’t racist symbols. While it’s true that most soldiers didn’t own slaves the majority belonged to slaveowning families (sons, in-laws, younger brothers) — plus slavery was a prop for white supremacy which meant many non-slaveowning whites had a stake in it.

“Single, college–educated White women are destroying this country. The research that we have done has proven that.” Meaning they’re not voting Republican. Just one more reason to eliminate the right not to be married.

Fentanyl is bad stuff but freaking out too much about it is bad too.

Social Security routinely denies disability payments on the grounds applicants can work as a typist (at a literal typewriter) or a sack repairer.

The practice of Texas dumping immigrants up north continued last month, even in freezing weather.

As several people predicted, resistance to covid vaccine mandates has translated into opposition to all vaccine mandates. It’s not like polio or measles could hurt anyone, is it? (Yes, they really can).

Right-wing militant Ammon Bundy threatened violence against a hospital that took Bundy’s friend’s baby into protective custody. After Bundy threatened them with violence for taking the baby, the hospital sued for defamation. Bundy’s response: threaten more violence.


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