What rough beast slouches towards 2023 waiting to be born?

Instead of my usual book review post, you’re getting my plans for 2023. Hope nobody’s disappointed — or would it be better if you love my reviews so much you are disappointed?

Last year instead of a detailed list of year goals I went with a very loose, broad set of goals and applied them in different ways each month. It worked, so I’m trying it again. I do have some specifics: finish six short stories, finish Impossible Takes a Little Longer, zero out my TBR shelf — but also stuff as vague as “stretch my brain” or “enjoy my HEA.” I got about a 75 percent success rate for 2022; I’d like to do as well this year, or better.

My goals can be summed up as: write a lot. Finish a lot of stories. Read and watch movies a lot. Rebuild my social life. Have fun with TYG. Stay healthy. Earn more than I spend. Leave the world better at the end of the year than it started.

I also drew up a new 101 in 1,001 list covering 1,001 things to be done in 101 days, starting today. As I said last month, I’m not using it as a goal list as much as a source of ideas for stuff to put in monthly goals. Keeping it informal will keep me from stressing out over I Musts. This includes multiple specific stories I’d like to finish, several novels — more than I can get done, but what the heck? — and plans for travel, fun dates with TYG, that sort of thing.Although I know things can go south at any time, I can’t help feeling optimstic about 2023. I had a good year last year; it’s possible to make this one better. Both generally possible (in the “anything can happen” sense) and in having kicked several minor problems to the curb.

Wish me luck and success. And believe me, I wish the same for you.

As my plans are kind of amorphous, I figured these Richard Powers covers fit the feeling nicely.

#SFWApro. All rights to cover images remain with current holder.


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