Linkpost covering abortion, kids and schools

Good news: The Biden Administration has issued rule saying the VA will provide abortions and abortion counseling to veterans in cases involving rape, incest, life or health of the mother, even in forced-birth states.

In 2021, because of increased government assistance, food insecurity for families with children dropped to its lowest rate in two decades. As NC State professor Sarah Bowen says, “This shows that food insecurity is a solvable problem. We have the power to fix it.”

“Concerns about the economy start and usually end with concrete, personal concerns: Do I have enough money now? Will I have enough money later? And you know what blows a big hole in the personal economy? Pregnancy.” Which is why telling voters to prioritize the economy over abortion may not be a winning Repub strategy in November.

Similarly, “New research shows that the states banning abortion could see up to hundreds of thousands of new births each year, most of them unplanned, and concentrated among lower-income families already facing the greatest financial and health care challenges.

The Dobbs decision will not get courts out of evaluating abortion.

“Our culture loudly but also stealthily, promotes abortion. Telling women they should look a certain way, have careers, all these things.” — Minnesota Republican Matt Birk, who thinks pro-choice advocates play “the rape card” too much.

Utah Republican Dave Alvord thinks “the umbilical cord and the placenta do not directly connect to the woman” which proves pregnancy isn’t about the mother. He is obviously not an ob/gyn and obviously did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night either.

How to interview and report on pro-life politicians.

The effect of Dobbs on IV and embryos.

Should we be concerned that misogynist Peter Thiel is backing a period-tracking “femtech” company?

A Satanist responded to after-school Bible clubs by forming an After School Satanist Club. Christian theocrat Dalton Clodfelter thinks he should be locked up for terrorism along with anyone else who teaches children a “false religon” (presumably everyone who’s not Clodfelter’s brand of Christianity).

Broward County’s school board instituted a program to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Ron DeFascist removed the official responsible on the grounds the program caused the Parkland shooting.

NYC’s Hasidic Jewish schools are mostly crappy at secular education — but they get millions in state funding anyway.

Jeez, in Israel anyone who’s romantically involved with West Bank Palestinians has to register the relationship with the government.

Dennis Prager, who think a wife refusing to have sex with her husband is like a man refusing to do the job he’s paid for, also thinks women are too emotional (not a direct link) and don’t have traditional religious values any more. He’s not even an original misogynist.

Alex Jones is very upset he’s still criticized over Sandy Hook denialism.

As always, you can find more on this topic in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. It came out pre-Dobbs, but it’s still timely.

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