Lying liars who lie: Republican bullshit

“In his speech, Trump claimed without evidence that Fetterman supports “taxpayer-funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine and crystal meth and ultra-lethal fentanyl. And by the way, he takes them himself,” Trump added. There is no evidence to suggest Fetterman has ever used illicit drugs. Fetterman has never expressed support for decriminalizing the drugs mentioned by Trump, although he has advocated for marajuana decriminalization.”

I blogged a while back about how Michelle Evans, running for office in Texas, lied that some schools provide troughs for furry kids to eat like animals. When an interviewer for some right-wing outfit parrots this to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Greene treated it as fact.

Sen. Ron Johnson has talked about cutting Social Security. It isn’t a popular stance so he denies it.

Sen. Marco Rubio opposes abortion in rape and incest cases, which isn’t a popular position. So he lies about his opponent’s position.

Texas’ new policy says schools must accept and hang donated In God We Trust posters. One school district twisted its interpretation to avoid hanging posters in pride colors or in Arabic.

“As “evidence” of this claim, Bachmann asserted that “you can find scripture” throughout both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—which, as we have pointed out countless times, is entirely untrue.” And no, our nation wasn’t founded on the Torah, either.

Ron DeSantis pretends he’s busting people who willfully registered to vote, knowing they weren’t entitled to. That’s another lie — the targets had no idea they were doing anything wrong.

It’s also untrue that all Trump declassified all his documents before stealing them.

I am pro-disinformation because one man’s disinformation is another person’s fact, right?” — Greg Gutfeld of Fox News. No, one person may think disinformation about covid (the topic of discussion) is a fact, but it’s still not a fact, any more than the creation story of Genesis or the QAnon belief in the vast pedophile conspiracy.

Fox host Mark Levin says that by calling out Republicans’ shift to fascism, Biden dehumanizes them. Alexandra Petri satirizes all such whining by fantasizing about what Biden could have said: “There is an election coming up. I think, and a lot of Americans do too, that for our democracy to continue, we need to accept the results of that election, even if our side loses. Other Americans agree: They will accept the results of the election if my side loses. That’s common ground, I think!”

Contrary to Michael Flynn, the covid vaccine did not unleash the zombie apocalypse.

Missouri’s attorney general is coming for the fact checkers.

Misogynist, racist law professor Amy Wax (also racist and misogynist), whose politically extreme statements have put her job at risk. She’s calling for charitable, tax-deductible donations to help her sue the university; Paul Campos cries bullshit. He’s probably right.

Republicans are still all in on the big lie Trump won in 2020.

For bonus non-Republican bullshit we have the bizarre spectacle of Andrew Yang’s Forward Party. Judging by this interview, Yang thinks not having any specific policies is a plus.


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