Virgins don’t want sex, at least if they’re women (and other links)

At least according to some dude caught up in this We Hunted the Mammoth linkpost: God made women to serve men and bear children so they feel sexual urges when married because that bonds them to their husband. No, it appears the idiot was serious. And apparently doesn’t think the same applies to men. I’m not surprised.

If, as expected, the Supreme Court kills Roe, the U.S. will be worse for women than it was before 1973. But the Texas right wing has a solution — women should just say no to sex. There’s no suggestion that women could just use birth control because that would require being okay with single women having sex. And Texas would sooner women get pregnant from ignorance than actually let them have sex without consequences.

A young woman fights to end child marriage in Nigeria.

Women are more likely to die or suffer injury in car crashes because crash-test dummies are almost all male.

A Texas church fights for abortion rights.

Slacktivist looks at the end of the Daughters of Sarah evangelical women’s magazine.

Country singer Jason Isbell uses his shows to promote black women artists.

Jesse Kelly is an ex-military right-wing hack who poses as a real tough guy. He’s actually scared shitless that if our military makes an effort to be open to all genders and orientations, our enemies will attack (I suspect a few decades back he might have said the same thing about desegregating the races). And keeping with his history fetishizing violence and machismo, he wants our military to be filled with bloodlust. You’d think someone who’d actually served would understand about rules of war and such, but it’s in keeping with the masculine insecurities chronicled in Jesus and John Wayne.

It’s a never-ending battle: right-wing purity culture reborn.

Slacktivist again, pondering why some conservatives believe God’s curse in Genesis requires childbirth without drugs but doesn’t require men to labor by the sweat of their brow: “The simplest explanation is that this is simply crude dishonesty in service of cruel misogyny.

It will shock you — okay, maybe not — that the Supreme Court has more concern for the speech rights of right-to-life “clinics” than doctors.

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts is helping women in repressive nations obtain abortions. That now includes the US.

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