All around the world it’s Christmas — well, last Saturday it was

It was a good day. After all the craziness this month, just relaxing and taking it easy was good. I made German apple pancake (Christmas tradition with me), TYG made pasta later and we opened gifts.

I got her a couple of books on disease — it’s another Christmas tradition, though I had to settle for books dealing with multiple diseases. I couldn’t find a single-disease book that looked interesting and covered one I hadn’t gifted her with before (e.g., syphilis, cancer, scurvy, gangrene, leprosy …).

I also bought TYG coffee from a local fair-trade company, as she’s been drinking it a lot lately.

I got McVittie’s Digestives (always a favorite), a book on the effects of England switching from wood to coal for a home heating source, a little planter for veggies from my bestie Cindy, and a three-DVD set of some Sherlock Holmes rarities (more on that when I finish watching it). Plus gift certificates, all of which I’ve already spent — books and comics collections primarily, plus some tea from the local store Tin Roof Teas.

I hope everyone, whatever your faith, had a great holiday season.



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