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“A hero who has it easy cannot prove his heroism. On the other hand, a villain who has it easy can prove his villainy. Villains need victims not heroes. A hero may only be as good as the toughest opponent s/he has faced. To make our heroes better, we’ve got to have better villains.” — Marvel Comics’ late Mark Gruenwald.

John Scalzi argues the public domain will not make your books more popular.

Don’t write crime. Write sin. says John Roger of Leverage.

A history of romance novels, pointing out how radical they were in many ways.

I knew Republicans arranged mass purchases of right-wing books to push them up the bestseller list. I didn’t realize how lucrative that could be.

It’s not just me. Movie dialogue really is becoming harder to understand.

Unsurprisingly as Republicans embrace white supremacy and fascism we’re seeing more demands to censor library books, backed up by threats. Here’s Texas lawmaker Matt Krause’s bizarre list of problem books. Some right-wingers just want to burn the books. Other parents are suing to purge gay-friendly books.

Netflix wants to become a real movie studio, just streaming.

Is there too much media to consume? A media studies professor finds himself conflicted.

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