Lies, liars and … AT&T?

How did the far-right Trump Won The Election OAN “news” network come to be? According to Reuters, AT&T saw money in adding another right-wing network to their U-verse Internet TV options, from which OAN migrated to DirectTV (that part is complicated).

For me the money shot of the story is a former OAN employee defending them on the grounds nobody else is doing stories like these or catering to viewers who share the network’s worldview. In other words, if there are viewers who want to be told lies about how Trump won, catering to them is no different than making a romance or SF series because there’s a market for it. And of course, OAN is creating that market for bullshit by reassuring its viewers they’re right.

Not that OAN’s the only lying liar: Sen. Ron Johnson claims there is no FDA-approved vaccine in America. And right-wingers constantly lie about how the older, higher tax rates didn’t take more money from the rich because of all the loopholes.

As I mentioned in a previous post right-wingers have been waging an astroturf campaign against mask mandates for a while. But for all their “my body my choice” bullshit some of them are increasingly unhinged with anyone who disagrees with them, saying kids wearing masks is “rape” and “abuse.” Or we have this guy’s plans for National Walk Your Child To School Day: “They think it’s gonna be a fun and safe photo opportunity with parents and kids,” David Hakimfar, a West Hollywood attorney and anti-vaccine activist said at the protest Tuesday. “Let’s show up here and show them it’s not. Let’s show them how we really feel. Let’s make them afraid.” Some people are already afraid with good reason. And the same for healthcare workers.

Not that this kind of reaction is unusual when privilege gets challenged Cops like to pose as heroes, but if they’re asked to help the wrong people

Or consider Janet McEachin, Idaho’s lieutenant governor, who keeps trying to seize power whenever the governor’s out of state. Or the head of CyberNinjas who’s refusing to participate in a Congressional hearing. Hell, if I’d made several million dollars for a bullshit audit like his, I doubt I’d want to discuss it either.

How about Republicans who say they were horrified Biden abandoned our Afghani allies — but don’t like Afghani refugees living here.

Not that it’s all Republicans Millions of lawyers are supposed to get their student loans forgiven for entering public service. Not how it works in practice.

To end on some good news:

Biden has reversed the Trump rule that family planning clinics getting federal funds cannot recommend clients to abortion services. And a federal judge has temporarily blocked Texas’ “anyone can sue an abortionist” law

A 1/6 rioter broke down in tears at his sentencing. I’m sure it’s because he never expected to face consequences, but I relish his tears. A Texas man gets 15 months for the covid-licking hoax.

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