Snowdrop has forgiven us for trapping him

He’s back to showing up regularly for his breakfast and dinner. TYG thinks he’s eager to come inside. I’m not sure how well that will work with the dogs, or what he’d be like inside. He’s much more of a climber than Wisp —— so I can see him doing all the things Wisp doesn’t, like climbing on counters, knocking things off them, etc. However the adoption scenario isn’t good even for a nice cat right now (adoptions down, euthanasia up at the shelter) so we’re probably going to end up keeping him.

Wisp and he seem reasonably comfortable together, but I’m annoyed she’s spending nights out with her new friend instead of inside with me. I want my snuggly kitty back! But however this plays out, we’re in it to win it, whatever winning is in this context.


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