The plague, and the people who plague us

“America’s Frontline Doctors, a right-wing group founded last year to promote pro-Trump doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, is working in tandem with a small network of health care companies to sow distrust in the Covid-19 vaccine, dupe tens of thousands of people into seeking ineffective treatments for the disease, and then sell consultations and millions of dollars’ worth of those medications. The data indicate patients spent at least $15 million — and potentially much more — on consultations and medications combined.” I am … not surprised.

“We don’t have sovereignty of our own bodies, we have to take a vaccine that’s not really a vaccine, it’s MRNA.” — professional Fox News liar Lara Logan.

” You’d think if you had a world-class medical school, you wouldn’t empower a case manager in financial risk management to overrule renowned experts in their field. ”

Anchorage anti-vaxxers are the latest to equate themselves to Jews in the Holocaust by wearing yellow stars. Despite criticism from Jews in the community, the town mayor says it’s a tribute to Holocaust victims.

In the same vein, right-winger Dennis Prager says if Americans won’t stand up to vaccine mandates, they wouldn’t protect Jews from Nazis.

“We’re created in the image of God,” is why one Fox News guest says masking is bad.

“Only one out of 2,200 state troopers actually quit over the vaccine mandate in Massachusetts so far. Not even dozens, just one guy.”

A teen mistakenly saying on social media she had covid does not justify jail time.

“Some people in groups that formed recently to promote the false cure ivermectin, an anti-parasite treatment, have claimed extracting Covid patients from hospitals is pivotal so that they can self-medicate at home with ivermectin.”

One Iowa community’s response to school mask requirements: keep kids out of school which will lower the state’s budget for the school district. Elsewhere the approach is to block the highways — hmm, I have a feeling all those “it’s okay to run over protesters” laws passed this past year will miraculously not apply.

To fight mandates, seize the food court!

One firm asked its employees to submit proof of vaccination. The result: the unvaccinated work remotely, the vaccinated must be back in the office.

“The Box still has rules in place to bar potentially infected employees from working but the supports once provided to enable those workers not to work are no longer in place.

” That word ‘flatteries’ means feminism, it means de-masculinization of mankind. That’s what the mask does. That’s what the vaccine does. That’s what complying with these inhumane, ungodly orders does.”

““The response was this diatribe about how evil the vaccine was, how much harm it causes, how data and reports are being covered up. Which told me that it really wasn’t about fetal cells at all. It’s all about a vaccine hesitancy.”

I know Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum as a bullshit-spewing antifeminist. Turns out that to keep IWF’s donors happy, she’s also an enthusiastic anti-vaxxer.

“Somebody gets stopped at a traffic light for a traffic violation, window goes down, officer leans toward the person … if they go to a house where there’s been a complaint, they go into the house,” said Jack Greene, professor emeritus of criminology and criminal justice at Northeastern University. “They’re always going into public spaces.” — a look at first responders’ reluctance to vaccinate and why it matters.

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