Sen. Thom Tillis: it’s partisan if I don’t vote for it!

Thom Tillis is once again whining to his constituents — I’m one of them — that Democrats have pushed through a “partisan” COVID-relief bill. Partisan because no Republicans supported it. And bad (according to Tillis) because it spends money on stuff other than just fighting the pandemic (seems these are currently standard talking points). Suffice to say, a lot of Republican bills in the Trump years passed with zero support. I didn’t hear Tillis expressing any problems about Republicans not being bipartisan. Go figure.

He’s also responding to Biden repealing the Global Gag Rule by pushing a bill that will enshrine the rule (which cuts off U.S. funding to organizations that do any sort of abortion-based counseling or referrals) so future Democrats can’t repeal it. Check through this list of blog posts for more on Tillis.

But apparently Dems are partisan enough that kissing Susan Collins’ butt no longer interests them. She’s upset about it. Sen. Ron Johnson is upset people don’t realize the white Sedition Day attackers were patriotic, law-abiding and non-violent — they shouldn’t be compared to the murderers in Black Lives Matter! The five dead and 140 injured might have a thing or two to say about that.

One seditionist from the 1/6 Vanilla Isis assault says he can’t consult freely with his lawyer behind bars. The judge ain’t buying it.

Republicans continue pushing to eliminate the estate tax, which now has an exemption up over $5 million — in other words, not a problem for most people.

An Uber passenger coughed on her driver after he pushed her to wear a mask, then ripped his mask off.

Immigration arrests are already dropping under Biden. Given Tillis’ opposition to sanctuary cities, I imagine he’s pissed about that too.

A nine-year-old, emotionally disturbed girl in Rochester NY refused to get in a police car so officers could take her home. They pepper sprayed her. The police spokesman insists this was completely by the book and the only option they had — which I find more of an indictment than she does.

The allegedly unspeakable agony of white kids in private schools that criticize racism.

Some right-wingers emphasize that many Trump Virus fatalities happen among the obese. But that’s a lot of Americans.

President Trump demands the Republican National Committee not use his name in fundraising letters. RNC says up yours. I do hope this ends in a cage fight.

Shocking! For all his warnings about mail-in fraud, Trump’s voting in a Palm Beach election by mail-in ballot.

No, Joe Biden is not making the military send up pregnant women as pilots.

Georgia’s current rules on absentee and weekend voting were the work of Republicans. Now that Democrats are benefiting, Republicans are rewriting them. And Repubs are more and more open about saying they don’t want “some” people voting. Not that this is surprising — they’ve been ranting about it for more than a decade now.

One of the alleged Sedition Day attackers wants her trial moved to West Texas, where she’s from, because it’s friendlier to Republicans. For bonus points, her attorney’s change-of-venue request includes “cancel culture” and “politically incorrect.”

The fantasy of Trump’s March 4 return to power didn’t happen, so QAnon is now obsessing over not getting the COVID vaccine.

Tucker Carlson whines a lot about the suffering of poor oppressed men. Harassed women? He doesn’t care. Carlson also freaked out about how China’s military is more manly than ours. Senator and veteran Tammy Duckworth, along with a lot of other military members slap Carlson silly online.

An ex-cop and Kentucky State Senator is pushing a bill making it a crime to accost, insult, taunt or challenge a cop.

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