They came for Dr. Seuss and I did not speak up …

Some Dr. Seuss books are being pulled from circulation due to racial stereotyping (Arabs riding camels in turbans, black figures in grass skirts). It was a decision by the copyright holder and doesn’t require the books be burned, pulled off library shelves, etc. Nevertheless the right wing is once again freaking out over cancel culture. Except, as others have noted, when conservatives try to ban LGBTQ books from library shelves — that’s totally different! Of course, it isn’t, but Republicans aren’t going to tell their voters that. For that matter conservatives have hated and sometimes tried to pull some of Seuss’s books from library shelves, such as The Lorax and The Butter Battle Book.

It’s okay to let women characters be evil without a redeeming backstory, one writer says.

Missing the point: The Handmaid’s Tale is not a warning against women’s liberation.

Along with Disney allegedly cheating writers of their royalties, they’re able to keep 80 percent of revenues from streaming material by claiming it’s just home video.

Disney’s Kevin Feige says moviegoers will be able to follow films even if they don’t catch the Disney+ streaming shows. The Mary Sue tries to argue that’s a mistake.

Bad research is never a good thing. But when you’re a serious scholar claiming Korean “comfort women” raped by Japan were voluntarily prostituting themselves, we’re talking seriously bad shit. From working on Undead Sexist Cliches, the researcher’s willingness to imagine consent where none exists is depressingly familiar.

A couple of women bought a small-town Alaskan paper. Then came COVID.

One of my fellow Atomic Junk Shop bloggers argues that no, Soul is not racist because it transforms the black protagonist.

A Star Wars enthusiast tries to find a copy of the original cinematic version without Lucas’ umpty-zillion changes. It’s nigh impossible.

A new online dictionary traces the history of science fiction terms.

Is coverage of the pandemic focusing too much on OMG New Strains! and not how well the vaccines work? More here.

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