Lying to us and maybe themselves: links about delusion and grift.

No More Mr. Nice Blog suggests that Trump refusing to concede isn’t some elaborate scheme: he really thinks he’s won. Heck, he’s even tweeting that now. Trump believing this sounds plausible, but it still leaves him stewing in resentment and watching TV. Not that this is surprising — when has he ever been a hard worker? — but it’s bad to have the White House out of action until Biden’s voted in. For example, ignoring the pandemic even more than usual.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Trump’s sucking out money raised to fight election fraud to pay down his campaign debts (while campaign funds go into Trump’s pocket). Pastor Darrell Scott of Ohio says that’s perfectly legitimate: Trump’s getting the money either way, what does it matter how he spends it? Libby Anne looks at Scott’s own er, colorful history in such matters.

And then there are the two prominent evangelists who raised $4.5 million for Holocaust survivors, but apparently want some of it for other projects. They’re now in court fighting over how it was divided up.

Or consider pastor Robert Jeffress who declared Biden the winner of the election — as he did for Trump the day after the 2016 election — then backed off and announced there’s no official winner yet after his fellow Trump supporters criticized him. Meanwhile a prominent law professor says if Biden has nothing to hide, he should support all Trump’s lawsuits to get at the truth. Right, just like Obama had some obligation to pull out his birth certificate to prove he was born in this country.

Libby Anne says anyone who calls themselves pro-life and refuses to take any steps to reduce the Trump Virus is fooling themseves.

For political scammers, we have Rep. Louie Gohmert, who claims it’s proven that 10,000 dead people voted in Michigan. Spoiler: it hasn’t. But Trump supporters still tell themselves Trump was robbed.

I can’t help but think companies promising to spot cheating in distance learning — they can analyze eye movements and know if you’re looking the answers up! — are grifters of another sort. Sure, they say science is with them, but I’ve heard graphologist say the same thing (companies that use handwriting analysis tests for job applicants can discover the TRUTH about them! It really works!).

Some people have ranked J.D. Vance, “working class people whisperer,” as another grifter. Even by that standard, the movie based on his book doesn’t work. The Newsmax TV channel, however, is gambling that moving to the right of Fox News — not calling the election for Biden, for instance — will be a winning media strategy.


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