The transition from Trump

Traditionally presidents reach out to their successors to graciously concede and begin prepping the new guy (someday, I’ll be able to say “the new woman!”). But we’re talking President Shit Gibbon here. Mary Trump sums up her uncle’s state of mind: “He’ll be having meltdowns upon meltdowns right now. He has never been in a situation like this before. What’s interesting is that Donald has never won anything legitimately in his entire life, but because he has been so enabled by people along the way, he has never lost anything either. He’s the kind of person who thinks that even if you steal and cheat to win, you deserve to win.”

Thus Trump’s GSA chief is refusing to provide the Biden team with the necessary authorizations to start preparing for January. Trump just fired the Secretary of Defense to be replaced by yet another acting secretary. Never mind the security risks. Is it because SecDef Esper refused to deploy the military against antifa? Charles Pierce thinks replacing Esper with a loyalist is a bad sign.

But pretty much everything Trump has tried to cheat so far has failed. Judges are slapping down his lawyers. There’s no evidence of voter fraud (though WAG Bill Barr has authorized prosecutors to investigate any voter-fraud claims) Georgia has refused to change election rules before the looming runoff election. But William Kristol says bullshit though Trump’s plays have been, we should be wary because the chance of Trump failing is not 100 percent (Steve M. makes the same point). And even if Republicans are backing his plays solely to keep their voters happy (as in this case) or to humor Trump, it seems pretty obvious if Trump completes a coup, they’ll be fine with it.

Sarah Kendzior says to never forget: people will try to minimize how badly the system failed these past four years and we shouldn’t let them (as LGM says, Trump winning, then riding rough-shod over government rules and regulations shows the system doesn’t work, even if he leaves office now). And as Scott Lemieux points out, inept as Trump’s lawsuits are, they are trying to steal the election. Blatantly. And if the results had been closer, the coup might have worked.

Then again, as Roy Edroso says, it’s not like being wary is going to help me stop Trump if he declares himself dictator or something. We’ve got four tough years ahead, so let’s enjoy the win for now. After all, if even Lindsay Graham is saying Trump should begin the transition, I suspect we’re in good shape. Even Trump advisers admit it. Of course he could still be a problem if he discloses secret information.

And enjoy the suffering and freaking out on the right. Alex Jones is warning viewers Biden’s win is a Chinese takeover (much like the Obama administration being a stalking horse for Islamic extremism and 20th century Democrats being puppets for international Communism). And there’s the new right-wing talking poi — lie: The media proclaimed Al Gore the winner in 2000, then had to eat its words, so Trump can still win. Oh, and a supercomputer supposedly digitally changed a bunch of ballots. More on that bullshit here. Fred Clark points out many self-proclaimed prophets swore that Trump would win. Apparently they didn’t listen to God’s words properly.

As for the future? I doubt QAnon is going away, but it’s having some trouble now that Trump clearly isn’t going to save America from the cannibal pedophiles.

Steve Bannon’s not doing much better than his ex-boss. And Jacob Wohl, would-be dirty trickster, has been indicted again.

In Philadelphia, police surrounded an SUV, smashed the windows, threw the black woman driving to the ground and snatched out her toddler. Then they posed with the toddler to prove they look out for kids. Small wonder Leonard Pitts says calls for black America to reconcile with Trump’s America so we can move forward are a bad idea.

Joe Biden has what sounds like good plans for climate change.


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