King Kong copyright and other writing-related links

Once upon a time, Universal sued Nintendo, claiming Donkey Kong violated Universal’s King Kong copyright. As discussed at the link, the rights turned out much more complicated.

Oh, and Nintendo bought the rights to the Hornio Brothers parody of Super Mario Brothers so that they could bury it for all time.

Copyright and blog posts.

TV’s The Good Fight made a specific reference to Alan Dershowitz and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Dershowitz says it’s defamatory. This is nowhere as new an issue as the article makes it sound, though.

Back in the late 1940s, the Justice Department banned movies studios from owning theaters because of the monopoly power it gave them (indie films could be squeezed out in favor of their own product). A judge has thrown those rules out. There’s much discussion at the link whether this is a sensible move — a 10-screen multiplex needs so much product, it can’t just get by on the parent studio’s output — or whether the studios will game the system (I’m guessing b).

Camestros Felapton discusses the importance (or non-) of reading the science fiction canon). Which relates to George R.R. Martin and his Hugo speech.

Disney is releasing Mulan (the live-action version) on its streaming service for $30 a pop (which is probably cheaper than a theater if, say, you’re a family of four). As two of the stars have supported China’s current oppression in Hong Kong, there’s a push for a boycott. More here.

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