The gathering storm

Some quick links on police, protests against police and police brutality.

The Asheville NC police chief is very, very sorry that cops destroyed a medic tent set up for protesters. And in Raleigh cops by complete coincidence arrested a man hours before he could file a lawsuit. And cops fired on a Raleigh gay bar for giving water bottles to protesters.

Jamelle Bouie says we need to accept that the police attacks on protesters mean the police are rioting.

De-escalating tensions without fighting can save lives on both sides — but police don’t want to.

Even for Trump, saying George Floyd is probably happy in heaven that the economy is so good is … batshit.

A multiracial family went camping in Washington [edited to correct location]. The locals thought they were antifa and attacked.

No-knock warrants are part of the problem.

Anti-semitic preacher Rick Wiles has been warning for years that liberals want to put conservatives in concentration camps. But he’s eager for Trump to do it to liberals.

The DOJ is pushing for the right to suspend habeas corpus so police can hold protesters indefinitely.

David McAfee fed the Louisville police for years, but they shot him anyway.

Tucker Carlson would very much prefer you not think about whether black lives matter. And shockingly, Fox News lies about peaceful protests.

A Columbus SWAT commander advocates meeting protesters with deadly force. In Minneapolis some cops slashed the tires on protesters’ cars. Never mind that violent responses make protests more violent.

A Florida police union tells cops who lose their jobs for brutality elsewhere to move to the Sunshine State to work.

When cops do speak up about racism and violence on the force, they’re shut down. Or punished.

Right-wing hack Ben Shapiro insists there’s no point to protests because there’s no systematic racism in America. He’s also whining that political protests at sports events invade his safe space, despite hating safe spaces when they’re for people who aren’t him (this post is relevant)

Colorado is introducing a bill to restrict police use of deadly force. William Barr is apparently uncomfortable enough about Trump’s church photo op he’s now denying authorizing attacks on the protesters. And the NFL has decided the winds of change are blowing against them. The Army is talking about replacing Confederate names on U.S. bases, though Trump says no (surprise!). New York repealed a law that kept police discipline and misconduct reports hidden.

Defunding police means having them do less, not simply de-existing them.

I’ll end with this look at past protests and where they differ from what’s happening now.


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  1. Forks, Washington, is NOT Oregon. Please correct the bit about “Oregon wilderness”…and be advised that Forks is NOT in a wilderness, either.

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