And it’s another Trump Virus news roundup

In late February, President Tinybrain claimed that the Trump Virus cases would soon be down to zero because he’d done such an awesome job. He now insists nobody had briefed him on how many people were going to become infected. And he’s still freaking out that anyone denies his crisis performance has been perfect. Trump also claims that his stopping travel from China was perfect, a big, life-saving game changer, but it wasn’t an effective travel ban. And the federal government is now seizing medical supplies from hospitals without explanation. Since red-state Republican governors who’ve toed the Trump line are getting hit too, I’m baffled what the angle is, but I’m sure Trump has one.

Evil, of course, is making hay while the sun shines, as they say. Red states are claiming abortion is nonessential, so going to a doctor violates stay-in-place orders. The Supreme Court isn’t supporting mail-in ballots as an alternative to in-person voting, because as Trump himself admitted, more voters means less Repubican victories (LGM adds some commentary). The right-wing Heritage Foundation wants to set the terms for the post-Trump Virus recovery. And the Religious Right is backing parts of the stimulus that will pay pastors’ salaries while being exempt from any conditions such as nondiscrimination requirements.

The stupid and evil: Bill O’Reilly claims he’s just a simple man speaking the truth when he says Trump Virus victims around the world were on their last legs so it’s no big deal. And Rush Limbaugh claims that flu shots aren’t a real vaccine.

The smart: Bill Gates discusses where we go from here. And the WaPo rounds up more suggestions on how we can adapt, from ways to find more doctors to using prepaid cards instead of stimulus checks.

If grocery-store workers and delivery drivers are essential, why is their pay crap?

Black men worry that if they wear masks for their health, they’ll be seen as criminals.

Now, some less political stuff:

One of my Atomic Junkshop co-bloggers recommends Alan Brennert for reading during isolation.

Which cleaning products are good for countering COVID-19?

Is social isolation getting to you?

Exercise routines you can do at home. Though in my case, not the pushups —too much strain on my impinged shoulder.

Camestros Felapton on the role of the arts in a time of plague.

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