Pulp and paperback covers for Tuesday

Robert Gibson Jones shows us the only way to stop a bad man with a dragon is a good man with a red-bearded giant.Robert McGinnis showing what used to be a standard pose for women on hardboiled PI paperback covers.

A couple by Earle Bergey showing his odd sense of SF women’s fashion.Bob Maguire and Engel contribute this one, which for some reason sticks with me.Here’s another Bob McGinnis hardboiled cover, though the woman looks like she belongs in some kind of zombie horror story instead.This rather bizarre one is uncredited.Another uncredited cover with another woman in  the bad-girl pose.Gerald Gregg provides this interesting mystery cover.

James Meese gives us a tough-guy mystery novel.Jeff Jones portrays Fritz Leiber’s modern horror as if it were a paperback Gothic romance of the time. I wonder if anyone who bought it was disappointed?#SFWApro. All rights to covers remain with current holder.

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