A good week, but I didn’t stick the landing

Which is to say, today was a mess. A lot of minor personal distractions added up and worried at me until I couldn’t think straight. I did get my first Leaf of the new writing cycle done, though, so money’s started flowing in again. Which is good. But that and some cleaning was all I got done.

Up until today, though, the week was productive. Let’s see …

I finished another draft of Death Is Like A Box of Chocolates for the writer’s group Tuesday. As I expected, I didn’t get to read (we do three an evening and I was sixth) so I continued tinkering with it. I may make some more changes before the next meeting, when I’ll definitely be reading. I think it’s looking as good as I can take it without more feedback.

I put in a lot of work in on Chapter Four of Undead Sexist ClichesI think I’m going back to some form of that title instead of Sexist Myths — and it’s now actually organized. That’s a big step because it’s a rather unwieldy mix of several loosely related cliches, but nowhere near as tightly tied together as the rape chapters.

Leaf articles are back although I didn’t get much done this week. The same little distractions I mentioned above.

I got one short story returned and submitted a different one. I’m not bothered by the rejection as it was quite a long shot.

And I finished two more chapters of this draft of Impossible Takes a Little Longer. It’s consistently better than my previous “finished” version in every way, except it really is going to end up pretty short. But hey, there are publishers for long-form but not novel-length fiction, and in the worst-case scenario I can still self-publish.

And I ordered a copy of Questionable Minds, my psi-steampunk novel, from Amazon to proof. It doesn’t have the cover illustration yet, or the back-cover promotional copy, but I learned from my last two books like the one below that this is the best way to make a good, solid edit (no, I don’t intend to pay for one). I’ll start work on that next month.

Plus as I’ll be appearing at MystiCon next month, I ordered some of my own books to sell. Hopefully it’ll be worth it.

Have a great weekend everyone. I may collapse Saturday, then back to work on Leaf Sunday.

#SFWApro. Cover is mine.


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