A lack of excitement

On Lawyers, Guns and Money, Abigal Nussbaum blogs about the books she’s most eagerly anticipating in 2020. And it struck me reading her list I’m not really excited about any of them.

Not that some of them don’t sound good; they do. But it’s been a long while since I actually got excited that a book was coming out. I’m delighted when I buy a book I want, and usually when I read them. I love reading. But I’m almost never buzzing with anticipation the way most readers are.

It’s just that there’s so much stuff available and so much of it that I want to read. Even if all the books Nussbaum recommends are brilliant, so what? I have a long list of brilliant books I haven’t read yet. And lots of books that I enjoy reading even if they’re not brilliant.It’s probably telling that when I want to read a new SF book from the library, I don’t search the stacks, I just check out the New Books and grab whatever’s handy. And I’m very bad about staying current on series, even ones I like.

It’s also a factor that I read a fair number of acclaimed, well-regarded books that don’t work for me at all, for a variety of reasons.

I don’t think this is a problem of any sort. I still love reading, and still do a tremendous amount of it. But it still feels odd when I read an excited “look what’s coming!” post and I can’t share the enthusiasm.

#SFWApro. Covers (all to books I liked) top to bottom by Stephen Fabian, Will Staehle, James Bama and Starla Hughton. all rights remain with current holders.


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