Owning the liberals, and more

Several liberal bloggers have argued persuasively that upsetting liberals is the prime directive for a lot of conservatives. Perhaps that explains why Trump is encouraging right-wingers to start arguments with their liberal relatives. Who are, you know, wimps for not wanting to debate with Real Americans.

NRA head Wayne LaPierre has been under fire for calling federal agents jackbooted thugs, the belligerent tone of NRA-TV and for funneling personal expenses through NRA’s advertising firm (NRA then paid them). He insists none of it is his fault.

As I’ve mentioned before, right-wingers mock the need for safe spaces, but they also insist liberals stay out of “their” safe spaces. So when the Hallmark Channel shows a lesbian kiss it’s a clear sign liberals are seizing control of a gay-free safe space and lesbifying it.

Stephen Miller proposed embedding ICE agents in a refugee agency as a way to round up more immigrants.

As climate protests become louder, Australia tries to criminalize the protests. Back in the U.S., the University of North Carolina monitored anti-racism protesters’ phones during a dispute over a Civil War monument.

The Love Joy Feminism blog argues that Matt Bevin pardoning dozens of criminals is not bad in itself. It’s just that the pardon list is very white, and includes a child rapist Bevin thinks can’t be guilty. LGM points out that the pardon power is a poor substitute for legal reform.

Is revenge porn protected by the First Amendment?

The downside of life in Disney’s Celebration community in Florida.

Washington State Rep. Matt Shea is very keen on a civil war with liberals where Christian true believers kill all males. I presume that’s so the women can be taken as breeders in his new Gilead. He’s refusing to resign.

Evangelical conservatives strongly believe atheists and Muslims would crush Christianity if they had the power. In reality, conservative Christians are much more eager to crush other people’s religious freedom.

Seattle works on solutions to SWATting.

The Republican plan to let people order cheaper drugs from Canada is … flawed.

Conservative radio host Chuck Bonniwell said he’d like a school shooting as a break from impeachment. He’s been fired, though I imagine someone will hire him for dynamic conservative thinking like that.

Republicans keeps complaining Democrats were ready to impeach Trump from “day one.” Which is exactly what they planned had Hilary Clinton won.

LGM argues that when the media call Trump’s anti-impeachment letter “fiery” or “passionate” or anything but “bullshit”, they help normalize Trump.

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