2019: How’s my year look in the rearview mirror?

Well, in terms of goals accomplished, not so good. Normally I hit around 50 percent, this year it was 39 percent. And I fell particularly short on my writing goals. Though partly that’s because I aimed insanely optimistic in terms of the amount of fiction I could get written. My goals for 2020 (which I’ll cover tomorrow) are a lot more modest.

I finished three short stories, and Southern Discomfort. I marketed the latter to agents (no success) and I’m now sending it out to publishers. I sold no short stories out of 33 submissions. I didn’t finish Sexist Myths, which I’d expected to do. However thanks to my extensive Leaf work, I did make my financial goals as a writer. And I’m still self-employed in my chosen profession, which is cool. But I would have liked to do a lot more, especially as I don’t have as many paying gigs demanding time as I did last year.

On the personal level, let’s see … I traveled outside the Raleigh-Durham area four times, only one of them with TYG due to her schedule. I returned to Fort Walton Beach to see friends and family. I did not bicycle as much as planned, only partly to be blamed on the ever-increasing summer heat. I did not improve my amateurish juggling (everyone should have a hobby) or practice sign language as much as I did last year. I did, however, get much better at using the Alexander technique to relax and position my body. In 2018, my bread-making fell by the wayside. I wanted to get back into the swing of it, and I have. I fell short on a whole bunch of goals (cleaning, for example) because of one or two periods where I got crazy with sick dogs, busy spouse or the like. So I won’t beat myself up over that (some goals I allow myself to make up for lost time. Things like weekly cleaning are not one of them).

Wisp was not on my goal list, but things have gone well with her nonetheless. We got her to the vet for her annual checkup and she still likes us.

Despite the lack off accomplishments, I feel pretty good about the year. While TYG’s job remains demanding, it became a lot less stressful this year for various reasons. And when she’s less stressed, I’m less stressed. That’s been particularly true in the later part of the year. And there were no major crises.

But that said, I still wish I’d gotten more stuff finished.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine. Cover by Gil Kane, all rights remain with current holder.

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