Politics: quotes with links again

“He discloses American intelligence to deflect attention from unflattering stories, suck up to people he wants to impress, or simply on a whim. He treats it, as he treats everything else in American government, as a private tool of self-gratification.” — Michelle Goldberg on Trump’s wrecking our intelligence assets.

“He should go back to China because they are for that and if he loves socialism, then why not go to the country that he came from and push socialism with the people that like socialism?” — right-wing bigot Jesse Lee Peterson on Andrew Yang, who was born in New York state. Oh Peterson also thinks Yang’s a “beta male” which is his default insult.

“at a solemn ceremony marking the collapse of the South Tower, a man paused from reading the names of victims, one of whom was his mother, to launch an attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar and Democrats, calling out “the squad” for their apparent failure to recognize that 9/11 was an assault on “our Judeo-Christian values.””

“While many of their Democratic counterparts were attending a 9/11 memorial event, Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives took the opportunity Wednesday to override the governor’s veto of the state budget”

“We are in a very extreme period in U.S. political history because of the radicalization of the GOP and the apparent willingness of virtually all of its officeholders, candidates, and big donors to go along with authoritarian and anti-democratic measures of many kinds, not just presidential power grabs but legislative and judicial steps to curtail voting and organizational rights of opponents, in essence rigging future electoral contests in a very minority rule direction.”

“Contemporary appeals to land and indigeneity have provided fertile ground for a return to racist lifeboat ethics. Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people around Oslo in 2011, insisted that the rhetoric of indigenous rights was ‘an untapped goldmine’ for white nationalists”

” Ultimately, I blame Republican voters, because nothing of this nature ever stabs at their conscience.”

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