Updates on the Wisp

So after we caught Wisp for the vet, she was initially very needy, then became quite skittish. Didn’t show up much. Only took petting as a kind of prequel to getting her dinner (“See, I like you, now feed me!”). Which I couldn’t blame her for, of course; getting trapped and shut up couldn’t have been pleasant.

But the past week or so, things seem to be getting back to the normal they were before we trapped her. She’s showing up more regularly, and usually wanting lots of petting even if the food is out there. She gave me the belly roll one evening and got petted accordingly.

Of course she’s still a wild cat; even given plenty of space she won’t come very far into the house. But she made it through last winter living outside in our heated shelter, so hopefully she can do it again. We’re going to work with her, not against her.

Oh, and I bought a small catnip plant but so far Wisp has been uninterested. Contrary to every cat cartoon I’ve ever seen, apparently the appeal is not universal.

Next challenge: putting heartworm meds in her food (shouldn’t be hard) and rubbing flea meds on the back of her neck (that’s supposed to be all it takes). Wish us luck …

#SFWApro. Image is mine.

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