Wisp behind bars at last!

Last Saturday, after repeated failures, we finally caught her!

We’d set out the cat carrier and started putting her food in it. She’d eventually begun eating it even though she had to go in all the way to the back. However, she was wary, and backed out if we approached.

The previous week, though, she’d been much more affectionate, or demanding I be more affectionate. Rolling on her belly on my feet, letting me scritch her, and entering the carrier even if I was really close. So Saturday we put it to the test: after she went all the way inside to get breakfast, I slipped on a heavy leather glove, just in case, and shut the door.

She was at the door almost at once, but it was too late. A very uncertain “mew” emerged, followed by more “mews” pretty much constantly for the next couple of hours. During which time we called the vet, brought Wisp indoors and set up a cage so the dogs couldn’t get too close.

We took her to our vet that afternoon. Wisp got her booster shots, and the vet checked out what TYG thought might be an abscess (just a scar as it turned out). We brought Wisp home expecting her to vanish from sight the way she did when we firs trapped her last year. Nope: she was really, really needy that evening, actually jumping in my path when I tried to go back inside.

Since then she’s been a little less needy, but still wanting quite a bit of attention. Which we’re happy to provide. We’ve also ordered flea and heartworm meds to keep her in good shape.

Wisp is still very wary about coming into the house and I don’t know what we’d do with her if she did move in. But for the moment we’re pleased with how things turned out.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine.


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3 responses to “Wisp behind bars at last!

  1. Hooray! You’re taking such good care of her!

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