Link, link, link, for I tell you the night is coming

“it’s not helpful to try to understand Fox News as the right-wing version of CNN. That’s not what it is. It’s the news-and-politics version of the WWE.”

Back in the early 21st century, people sometimes suggested that to make gay marriage legal, we stop having the government authorize marriages. Conservatives are now down with this. Even though the purpose is to give local authorities a way not to issue licenses to gays, it seems like a reasonably workable solution (it doesn’t require the marriage be conducted by Christian or Jewish clergy to be valid, as a proposed bill elsewhere).

In response to the recent spate of forced-birth bills, the WaPo pondered what other legal rights fetuses might have — could parents claim them as a dependent before they’re even born? The ever batshit Federalist website (which once argued banning conversion therapy is the equivalent of banning the Bible) claims quite inaccurately that parents already can: if the baby is born in November, say, you can claim the kid as a dependent for the whole year so there you are! Actually if the baby is born, say, after the end of 2019, you can’t claim them as a 2019 dependent, so the Federalist is wrong, as usual.

There’s no excuse for the Democratic Party defending conservative, forced-birther Democrats from primary challenges.

Good news: Legislators around the country are pushing back against employers who require janitors and kitchen-prep staff to sign non-compete agreements, effectively trapping them in their current jobs.

Moby claims he had a relationship with a young Natalie Portman, but it appears to have been a creepy fantasy.

“The only problem with that as a reason for appearing on a network that is a propaganda organ for the White House is that it implicitly assumes that there’s just no other way to talk to conservatives besides going on Fox.” More here on why Dems are supposed to reach out to conservatives but not vice versa.

Shakezula celebrates a British right-winger getting doused with milkshake, and argues that no, this ain’t “political violence.”

A journalist tries mocking a teenage Elizabeth Warren supporter by quoting her with all the “ums” and “ers” left in. As The Mary Sue says at the link, it’s unlikely he does the same when quoting anyone he considers important.

Five children have died in detention camps since December. Right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro insists they’re all treated humanely. Of course, Shapiro wants to pretend white Judeo-Christians invented science.

“Jubilee is always a beautiful thing.”

Not a beautiful thing: jailing sexual assault victims to make them testify. Louisiana’s legislature is considering a bill to prevent this; state district attorneys want the bill killed.

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