Sexism plus a few other hate-related links

One study found women on Tinder are slightly pickier than men. The neo-Nazi Daily Stormer says the best way to fix that would be rape.

Another whining conservative women complains feminism is about destroying men.

Amish rape culture.

The ever wacky Federalist defends Donald Trump’s adultery by arguing men who watch porn are also adulterers. There are also men’s rights activists who think feminists want men masturbating to porn so they can drain men’s strength away.

The American-based World Congress of Families does its best to promote anti-gay activists overseas.

A right-wing website says Michelle Obama dresses like a hooker. But it’s Melania Trump who’s being unfairly attacked! And speaking of attacks, no, Hilary Clinton did not decorate the White House Christmas tree with crack pipes and cock rings.

Another day, another wave of harassment scandals ignored by the employer — in this case Dartmouth (confirming my previous post about the logic of cover-ups). Johnny Depp’s ex Amber Heard (who went public with her own account of abuse), compares cover-ups to the Titanic: if an actor, academic, CEO is important to keeping your job afloat, the priority becomes patching up the holes and saving the ship.

Echidne points out that while the far right movements rising around the globe may be different in many ways, they all hate women.

Theocrat Bryan Fischer has said we need a new underground railroad to get kids away from same-sex parents. When he got flak for the idea, he lied about ever saying it.

A look at macho bullying culture in Bret Kavanaugh’s alma mater.

Slacktivist looks at sex scandals among Independent Baptist Churches.

Abuse lawsuits against the Boy Scouts are breaking the BSA financially. So men’s rights activists blame feminism.

Perhaps the best recommendation for the Muslim women newly elected to Congress is that Saudi Arabia despises them.

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is already criticizing corporate lobbyists for trying to influence the incoming Congress.

Eliza Dushku was poised to become a recurring character on the TV show Bull. Then she reported on-set harassment and things blew up. Variety has more. And before that there was Dushku’s experiences as an underage teen on the movie True Lives.

“The woman does not have any agency in this model of male sexuality. What she wants or doesn’t want is either erased or subordinated to what he wants or can’t have.” A recovered Quiverful woman on modesty culture.

“The Old Boy’s defining characteristic may just be that he wants. It’s not clear what he wants, and in the end, it doesn’t much matter. His drive lacks focus and can’t be satisfied, but it can’t be stopped by things like ethics or law or introspection. And he’s terribly scared of losing.”

Ross Douthat’s post about how wonderful WASPs are is just a gussied-up call for white supremacy.

The Betsy DeVos Department of Education is pushing rules that allow college professors and administrators to ignore sexual harassment and rape.


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